On not writing

The post a day project didn’t quite work and I’m relieved. The pressure to post something everyday turned the act of writing into a very contrived one. Rarely, do I wish to edit or change old stuff. I couldn’t quite say the same for the posts put up lately. I suppose it’s got to do with a bunch of beliefs about the who, what, why, when, where and how of writing for me.

In Black and white takes new meaning with this keyboard

The Who

I’ is a pretty limited authorship. None of this is mine, so where is the question of asserting ownership.

The What

In from the outside and out from the inside 

The Why?

I have no choice. 

The When?
The fruit drops off when its ripeness cannot be borne by the branch anymore. 

The Where?

Birth cannot be stopped just as death. 

The How?

As it is. 

The bard had it all figured out… to thine own self be true..


4 thoughts on “On not writing

  1. Did you write that? It is really good!
    A post every day is too much for someone who has other things to do, sometimes I spend 2 or 3 hours writing a post and I can’t afford to do that every day! So I agree with you (and Shakespeare), be true to yourself!

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    1. Thanks Julie. Nothing like freedom to express. I did dabble in writing for work but it didn’t feel as good as putting stuff out for free. So, I stuck to work for a little money and write for pleasure.

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