21- Snow ❄️flakes 

I stole a post. Little K types poems and notes on my devices. She scatters them for me to read and appreciate. Sometimes, they’re cheeky, sometimes unforgivingly accurate (especially when it is to do with me) and always observant. There’s little that misses children. 

Here’s a post I found, as it is. This one’s for you, k8


One of my mother’s friends (Kate a blogger)had gifted me a book of snow flakes . And its true that we are all different in our own beautiful way . There are many more snowflakes that I will post later on I was going to do it immediately but my mom was like😤”do it on the note pad “and blah blah blah blah blah . I did one more with coloured pencils.doesn’t it look pretty?.I want to name this snowflake after me Kristine. Of course the artist shall decide what name shall be kept 😋. These snowflakes and also the one I’m currently painting are coming out wonderfully. Thank you K8 macdo for sending this book for me ,I really appreciate it. As for now keep waiting for other artistic posts.



4 thoughts on “21- Snow ❄️flakes 

  1. Aww… I am so touched by this post! I love the artwork that your mom has shared with me, Kristine, that you’ve done. You have such creativity, and have found so many channels for it! Today is Holi, and I was thinking about the contrast between the parts of the world we each live in… yours is so colourful, warm, dynamic… (I imagine!) whereas my winter is cold and very monochromatic: white. But zoom in to the white and there are all these tiny unique crystalline structures!
    You are unique in all the universe, “Little K”. Were I there, I would throw all kinds of colours on you today to celebrate that!
    Happy Holi!

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    1. Thank you K8. I’m so sorry I don’t know what to call you. Anyways leave that topic. Thank you for this comment on the post that mumma stole from me. I write stuff on her notepad and she sends it without telling me anything. I had made some sketches by coal I’ll post them later on. One of them is a chair that was outside our building and one is a painting that my mother’s real sister’s husband had made and given to us. I hope that when i send them out you will like them very much and once again thanks for the comment

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