The earth lay her bed to create the yajna. The fire burned a slow steady flame as the earth poured her oblations. Endless sacrifice parched the earth, the fire burnt with pangs of hunger. The altar empty but both earth and fire bound…

Fire met water and they hissed. Enemies they were, twisted in knots.
Bound and struggling 

Helplessly in love…

Fire and Fire

Eyes smoulder 

Hearts ablaze

The flames 

lick the skies

Roaring abandon

Burn and be burned


The wind touched the fire. They danced- a tempestuous firestorm that raged and consumed.

The fire ate the wind. 

The wind hid in stillness.

The fire consumed itself. 

The embers smoked and the wind peeked to stoke the smoulder.

Fire must burn as the wind must fly. And so the dance continues…

Still in space

Fire is lost

Burning without fire

Enveloped in time


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