these are a few of my favourite things

Just the other day, I came across a post where the author was talking about a 100 day challenge to post at least 1 picture a day about anything that made her happy and i thought to myself that it was a wonderful idea.

While I’m a pack of lazy bones when it comes to putting things down, I did think of my happy camera moment most of the days after that post.

Here’s a smattering of a few things that made me happy over the last week.

  • a sunbird on my tree
  • the koel singing outside my kitchen window
  • the moon last night
  • the bougainvilleas flushed with summer
  • a slurpy kiss from my little girl for no reason
  • breaking dawn (not the movie, just the skyline as i got out for an early run)

Here’s to happy summer holidays!


2 thoughts on “these are a few of my favourite things

  1. What a great idea. I bet if you did this for a month you’d notice patterns and themes in the things that made you happy. Then you could seek them out.


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