a new home

A very dear friend got the keys to her new home and I remembered this old snippet that I had written when I got the keys to my home. Looking back I feel humbled when i see my prayers have come true.

May the bell ring in each day with joyous music
May the incense permeate through all the corners of this home
May the lamp always be lit, bright and guiding
May the flowers spread their fragrance into our lives
May the house overflow with the bounty of milk, honey and fruit
May the bowl of the house be always filled with grain
May the plants flower and bear fruit
May the wind whistle lilting tunes through the house
May water gurgle through and cleanse the home
May the sun warm this home with his cheerful smile
May the earth mother bless this home
May the chirping of the birds at the sill bring harmony
May the hearth always be lit with warmth
May the sounds of laughter and friendship resonate within


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