Student in exile

All journeys flow into the one eternal quest. Usually, it takes some exotic or obscure route until the inner guide manifests and understanding dawns.

A friend was talking to my husband about his wife’s consuming belief in a contemporary Godman. Now you see India is a fertile ground for these enlightened souls, who find salvation in hugging or silence or tantric eroticism. Coming back to this gentleman’s wife, she’s kind of young to be interested in matters of the spirit but then the calling doesn’t consider age and such other trivial details. Now this spiritual teacher has astutely hooked his followers by using age old yoga asanas. It’s simple. The yogic poses naturally work wonders for sedentary bodies and voila a believer is born.

Gradually there is increased investment of time and money into all that is espoused, in this teacher and his trust.  Books, CDs, accessories, images etc find their way into the home and hearth and conversation.  I’m not being condescending or smug, I’ve been guilty of the same steps to nowhere.

A few nights ago, I was looking at a Facebook page devoted to the practices I do and I thought to myself that I am a student in exile. I’m not signed on to that group online, I don’t get in touch with anyone about meetings and I sometimes wish for someone to light the way but I don’t do anything about it. The person who came up with this practice talks about finding the inner teacher when one reaches a certain consistency and that somehow resonates with my experience so far.
Until that day when I find my inner transcendental teacher, I remain a student in exile.


One thought on “Student in exile

  1. your “louges” are questioning ending with a question! Thank you! How many of us are in exile?
    some of us spend a lifetime in exile (many of us happily!)
    Maybe it is time to take the baby step out of the self manifested “laxman rekha”


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